Caring for your mattress

The best way to keep your mattress stay in good condition is to use and care for it properly. Manufacturers care instructions will guide you how to use the mattress as well as provide useful tips, but you should still ask your retailer for advice. Besides, the following information will offer you the best way to care for your mattress during its natural life.

It’s important that you should use a washable, protective cover to protect the mattress from stains, spills, and moisture. If you have allergies, it’s a great idea that you use barrier fabrics which are available in the market.

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Throw back the protector mattress in the morning and let the mattress to air for 20 minutes to prevent moisture.

Every 3 months, flip your mattress over from side to side and top to toe in order to help upholstery fillings to settle down more evenly.

In spite of turning, some more luxurious mattresses are designed with thicker layers to mold themselves to the contours of your body, however, it may still retain signs of these impressions.

Don’t sit on the edge of the mattress repeatedly as well as do not allow your children bounce on it.

In case you have to move or transport the mattress, don’t roll up or squash it to prevent causing permanent damage.Some people believe that use the handles might help to support the full weight of the mattress, however by doing that they might pull out as well as damage the fabric.

Don’t use polyethylene to wrap on the new mattress since the build-up of condensation might lead to dampness, mildew, and rotting.

You should vacuum the mattress and base regularly to remove dust and fluff. Do it gently to avoid damaging tufts or dislodging fillings. Remember to open windows while vacuuming if there are any asthma sufferers in the house.

You might use the mild detergent and warm or cold water to remove stains but never over soak a base or a mattress.

You shouldn’t put a new mattress on an old base or placing a board between the base and mattress since it might impede comfort as well as reduce the useful life of the mattress. As a result, it might affect any guarantees or warranties.

What will you do with an old mattress? Many people give it to other people relatives, guests or children. However, when you commit to buy, the retailers will help you dispose of it. In fact, it’s the best way to do with the old mattress due to the fact that it’s a veritable health hazard. So throw it out immediately after purchasing a new one.

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