Fitness: Tips to keep moving

More than three million adult people in our country go to fitness every day, of which two-thirds are members of a gym. Our country has approximately 1650 gyms and an average gym has about 1,600 subscribers. In total, more than 200 million members annually go to the gym. 75% going to the gym at least once a week, the remaining 25% will go less often or even drop out and go at all. This equates to some 500,000 people. Are you one of those people who dropped out but you do want to sustain? Then there are some tips that might be easier for you to persevere and to keep going.

Clearly identified your goals

You may have some reason to start with fitness. These can be different, such as:
– You want to lose weight
– You want stronger muscles
– You want a better condition
– You have a sedentary job and it does not allow many movements.

What was your reason when you joined a gym? And what could you do to still achieve this goal? If you have a goal in mind for yourself, it is easier to motivate yourself to take the step to the gym than when you ‘aimlessly’ hangs out.

Sport at fixed times

Grab your agenda there and plan your schedule to the gym, like you do with your other appointments. Find out when you have time for, or create and record it! You will notice that thoughts like “skip one time will not hurt” or “I do not want, I’ll go tomorrow” With fewer opportunities, if you intend to go to the gym, let’s treat it like another appointment. Going to the gym is an agreement, but with yourself.

Make fitness a habit

This tip follows the previous one. Turn a few times a week exercise as your habit. Make sure it is just as obvious as shopping, meet up with your friends or go to work. A human being is a creature of habit, so if you make it a habit of going to the gym a few times a week, you will hear this at some point you and your life.

Do not start as a fanatic

For many people, this is a pitfall. They have something in their mind and then go for it completely. That is, they have a subscription to the gym and there are then available several times a week and do their beginner’s enthusiasm too much all at once. If you’re not an athlete, and for the first time takes the step to work out, start it again by a quarter and build it up slowly. In this way, it is good to maintain and the chance that the next time you enjoy going is considerably greater than if you do more than you actually can handle. You burn yourself, start experiencing aches and this does not make it more fun there. No wonder, your motivation then disappear like snow in the sun.

See sports as a moment for yourself

In today’s busy life, many people hardly live for themselves. If you are someone who occasionally are alone, use the gym as the replacement. This time is only for you. Leave all your stress and worries behind and head off to work. Convert music that you like on an MP3 player and do your own thing nice.

Make it as fun as possible

Maybe you’re just someone who would rather use this time for socializing or for something social. Find out what you can do to make it fun. Build variety into your schedule, go out for a Zumba group class or sweat along with other members during a spinning class. You may have someone in your life who wants to go to the gym? It can be a great motivator to go together. So you can combine cosiness with achieving your goal. Do what works for you and what you’re comfortable with.

Do not expect too much

Do not expect too much, not your own, but not the short-term results. Make sure your expectations are realistic and achievable. You can not expect that you will see results already after a few weeks. You will only be disappointed when you do have this illusion. Focus first on the move, working and making fitness fun. If this is successful and you keep full, the results will follow then really!

Celebrate your successes and reward yourself

Imagine something you like in prospect if you have improved yourself or after a certain period. Are you a month-long allegiance to the fitness center? Super! Stand here in silent and celebrate this. You should be really proud of yourself. Manage it for you after some time to train instead of fifteen twenty-five minutes? This too is worth a reward.

Above are some tips that help you keep moving in fitness. Hope they help you much and enjoy your life!

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