Baseball rules and explanations


Baseball is at first sight to be a easy game in basis, but on the other hand, it also seems to be a little complicated with all the different rules, field positions and techniques.

We try the basic rules and most important rules of baseball to explain and to give an idea of what is involved in the sport. With the basics about baseball, you can also manage well to outside of the game along with others playing recreational baseball game.

Baseball field and ground rules

Baseball is played on a field containing a number of fixed points. There is a home plate of which the ball is beaten, and there are three bases which are connected to the home plate by a squarer in lines. The dimension between the bases is 27.5 meters. The lines are from home plate to 1st base, and the line from home plate to the 3rd base forming the boundaries of the playing field. This playing field ends in the distance with a back line, which on average is about 100 meters away. In the middle of the area of the bases is, finally, a pitching hill present, at 18.45 meters from the home plate. Each team also has a dug-out and there are pockets coach present.

Each team consists of nine players and in some cases a 10th player as a designated hitter (designated hitter) instead of the pitcher. Each player gets a bat in the attack (except the pitcher in the case of designated hitter) and plays in a defense in the field.

The basic equipment which are necessary to play baseball: a baseball, a baseball bat and gloves for catching the balls. The catcher has further additional protective clothing and a battle helmet. Furthermore, it is typically played on shoes with spikes for extra grip.

The field positions and tasks in baseball are as follows:

Pitcher – one who throws the ball from the mound to the opponents.
Catcher – backstop of the pitcher at home plate.
1st baseman – the guard of the 1st base, to tap out opponents on the base.
2nd baseman – the guardian of the 2nd base.
3rd baseman – the beaker from the 3rd base.
Short stop (short stop) – defended this field between the 2nd and 3rd base with quick flyouts.
Right fielder (right fielder) – distant man which catch high ball flights, defended on the right.
Left Fielder (left fielder) – The man on the far left side of the field.
Midfielder (center) – defended the deeper midfield.

Rules of Baseball

Each team has the opportunity to collect points together to get as many people safe on the bases back to return to the home plate. Walking players may only run after a well beaten ball that is not captured directly from the air. If a player not on time safely opens onto one of the bases or home plate, he can be decided by the defenders. A player is out if he can return to a previous base because it is occupied not, or after the battle the 1st base can not reach because there the ball is already in the 1st baseman is present which makes an ‘off’ by the base to to hit with the ball in his hand or glove.

When catching a ball out of the air from the battle is also made out and all players who return already on base on time to the original base. Safe on a single player can not be determined.

Pitching and striking baseball

Striking the ball and pitching are the most important basic elements of the baseball game. There is much to tell, and we’ll give you at least the basic techniques used in baseball.

Stroke technique in baseball

In an innings, there are three batters attempts to hit the ball, within the battle zone are pitched. At four foul balls, a striker can freely walk to first base.

The battle zone is the area which is located right above home plate.

At striking, it is intended to play the ball in the field without being caught. When this reaches a single one is called a single. The ultimate in striking the ball is to hit it over the end of the field, giving you rack called a home run. At a home run you may overflow the bases to home plate and score a point directly. Any players already on base were also allowed to continue to home plate and each also score a point.

A team continues to bat as long as the three exc not be made by the opponent. The points are so that for every player who comes home plate one point is scored.

Pitching in baseball

The pitcher has much influence on the game because it can affect the success of a batsman. Good pitchers try to throw as many balls in a proper way that a batter hits late or wrong. By making three ‘layers’ in other words ‘strikes’ in a batter, is made from one and allowed the batsman back to the bank.

The basic techniques that could use a pitcher are the following:

  • Fast ball = a hard straight ball, intended to let late hit a batter.
  • Curve ball = a curved ball with great effect.
  • Change-up = a slowing trajectory.

The game between batters and pitchers can be exciting, together with the pitcher to the catcher in principle determined the strategy for each incoming ball. This is done primarily by hand gestures.

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