The Best Golf GPS Watch For Men

Several years ago, we had to carry a big GPS device, or even a handbook and a map to support us during a golf trip. But today, a convenient and sophisticated golf GPS watch has replaced all of them. With the outstanding features, a golf GPS watch is an indispensable tool of a golf player. Beside the functions, nowadays, we have a lot of models and designs of golf GPS watch for both men and women, which can make a new golf player feel confuse about choosing a good one. So, within this article, we will tell you how to choose a good golf GPS watch for men, and recommend you some models of golf GPS watch, which are most suitable for a male golf player. We hope the information in this article will help you to make a good decision.

How to choose a good golf GPS watch for men ?

There are plenty of criteria to evaluate a golf GPS watch. But a good golf GPS watch for men must meet three criteria: masculine design, outstanding features, and easy to use. We will go through each criterion to understand about them clearly.

Masculine design: the basic factor to distinguish between a golf GPS watch for men or for women is its design. A good golf GPS watch for men must be formed by sturdy lines and colors, which can show off the masculinity of its owner. A golf GPS watch with rectangular clock face, black and red color for example.

Outstanding features: this is the difference between men and women. While ladies usually dislike an electric device which has plenty of complicated functions, gentlemen are opposite. Owning a golf GPS watch with outstanding functions may be the pride of them. They like to discover the special and unique features, and may satisfy with a golf GPS watch which can support them fully.

Easy to use: when I mention about “outstanding features” above, it doesn’t mean that it can be complicated and difficult to use. A good golf GPS watch for men must also be easy to use, because nobody wants an electric device, which takes too many times to learn how to use, and too complicated to apply in a real life situation.

Some best GPS watch models for men

Actually, there are more golf GPS watch models for men than for woman, and this factor may give us more choices when making a decision. We have picked out five models, which are most suitable for men. Let’s take a look!

  • Garmin Vivoactive Black

This is an impressive golf GPS watch for men, with luxurious black color. Its design is very masculine with a rectangular clock face and high quality rubber watch chain. But the most impressive thing of this golf GPS watch is its outstanding features. We could tell that it has every essential functions of a golf GPS watch, as: measuring distances of the holes, par, layups, doglegs, the front, back, center of the green and even the information of your shot. But it is not enough, this golf GPS watch also has the applications for other sports, example: swimming, running, biking and walking. Unbelievable, a golf GPS watch can turn into a fitness device, which can help you to control your heart rate and the distances which you have been run. One more thing we should mention, is the huge capacity of its memory, which can store over 38.000 courses. It’s so wonderful!

  • Garmin Approach S6


Black and orange color, with an impressive appearance is the highlight of this golf GPS watch model. Besides that, it also has a color touch screen with high resolution, this factors contribute tremendously to the attraction of this model. A huge advantage of this golf GPS watch is a database of 38.000 courses which are currently available and free update forever. Beside the essential functions of a golf GPS watch like distance measurement, score tracking, this golf GPS model also has an impressive feature, which called “swing metric”. When you use this features, this golf GPS watch will start to analyze the metrics which was collected during your round, and then provide you the result metrics, and also offers you some useful tips to improve your result. It’s a mazing feature, right? One more highlight of this model is ability to connect with your smart phone and notify you automatically, this is a very convenient feature.

  • Bushnell Neo XS GPS watches

This is a very suitable golf GPS watch for men of Bushnell Neo brand, which has sturdy design and black color. The highlight of this model is the criterion “easy to use”. This golf GPS watch have full essential functions, like hazard information, layups and doglegs, holes and par position… All of that features are easy to use, and a new golf player may take around 1 hour to get familiar with it. Besides that, the memory capacity of it is significantly, with around 33.000 courses which can be stored inside of it. One more thing we should mention is the USB charger, which allows you to charge this golf GPS watch everywhere. It’s such a convenient device, right?

  • Golf Buddy WT5

 This model of golf GPS watch has a high contrast screen, which is very useful when using outdoor. Besides that, the numbers and information on the screen is big and clear, which may help its user a lot. The “four buttons design” makes it become one of the most easy to use golf GPS watches, but it still provides its user full essential functions. Another impressive function of it, is the information of the course’s shape in the left corner of the screen. This golf GPS watch also can recognize automatically your current course, and even can map out up to eleven hazard positions in your course. And finally, An affordable price is a plus point of it.

  • TomTom Golfer

I have to admit that the design of this golf GPS watch impress me a lot. With me, it looks very cool and masculine. The screen of this model was equipped with scratch resistant glass, and its waterproof ability may help the golf player feel reassured when wearing it outdoor. This golf GPS watch also provides all the necessary features for a golf player, and indicates the information in a special and unique way on its screen, to help its user feel comfortable and get familiar with it easily. Another impressive feature of this golf GPS watch is the ability to update automatically on daily basis, through the Bluetooth connection. The last important thing we should mention is the special design of its screen, which is visible in any lighting condition.


Through this article, we suggest you five types of golf GPS watch (See more golf GPS watch reviews), and all of them are impressive and have particular outstanding features. The first two models of them impressed us a lot with their special and advanced features, while the others impressed us with their designs, effectiveness and ease of use. All of them are suitable for a gentle man, as well as a professional golf player. You just need to rely on your preferences, and the consideration between the designs, the features and the prices of each models to choose the most suitable golf GPS watch for yourself. Good luck!

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