Why are people addicted to football?

Twenty-two countries, 64 matches, 96 hours of retransmission and 3.4 billion fans … For nearly a week, half of the world population, that is to say all the earth account of men, lives the rhythm of the 19th world Cup football.

Here are some keys to better understand why the male is definitely addicted to football.

Why do men love football?

This could pass for counter psychology. Yet it is the strict reflection of reality. Sneak into any square and watch the behavior of fathers with their children: their daughters, they instinctively send the “baballe” hand. With their son, however, they immediately play with the ball, dribbling with strength, friction and panting. As small cars and toy guns, football is a culture that is passed from father to son: an initiation rite and a must that mark the entrance to the wonderful world of manhood.

Why become fans?

Freud proclaimed loudly: being with a penis gives men the feeling of being from the clan of “those who have one,” in contrast, of course, to those who do not! In short, they have a need, often imperious, to identify with the communities. That of football, men’s and Universal, gives them this reassuring sense of belonging to a group, which disregards all ethnic or social origin as religious or political beliefs. This is especially the last space including women, who have overtaken even exceeded in many areas are still excluded!

Why do they behave like two years-old kids before a match? When watching a match, people screaming, crying, trembling, sing, kiss, insults, shouting at each other … In short, they express feelings that they are no longer allowed to leave short-free since that they have hair on the legs. While they are often in the reservoir when in the office, company or family, and their sense of focus and couple communication sometimes borders on autism, football is a real emotional theater the atmosphere and permissive rules of conduct, where they let go completely, without fear or shame.

Why have tendencies to eat anything and drink before a match?

The “FBP” (Football, Beer, Pizza) is a trilogy that is the basis of all dietary support. Faced football, men are under intense pressures: a huge hope phase before the meeting, an inordinate stress during the game and an intense joy or terrible disappointment as their team had won or lost. All these emotions and physical agitation that accompany them are consuming glucose, the basic fuel the brain and muscles. To recharge their batteries before the next game, so they need a diet rich in carbohydrates, present in large quantities in the pizza as in beer…

Why are firmly convinced that the referee is blind?

Football, on paper, embodies an ideal and perfectly democratic world. It promotes social mobility, since the latter can become the first, merit and solidarity. Add to the fact that they do not just watch the game but they feel to act, via interposed players they identify completely. Add an arbiter: the 12th man who never runs fast enough. And you will get the mirror of social life: a world of injustice, stigmatized by that arbitrator who is supposedly there to enforce the rules, but that is never the right place at the right time, and, like all their bosses, is unable to first.

Why do they prefer to encourage Bleus rather than making a big hug?

The Social Issues Research Center, the largest British Institute of Sociological Research, published a study of 20,000 men from twelve European countries, which is not exciting: 60% of them prefer to actually watch a good game rather than have sex. All justify this inclination by the fact that a meeting gives them incomparable adrenaline and intense excitement for 90 minutes. In boorishness of admission, they also confess that their favorite players rarely disappoint.

Why does soccer harm health?

Few fans that follow the same lifestyle as their champions, so football-related collateral damage is real. June 22, 1996, after the elimination of the Netherlands by France in the final of Euro quarterfinals, there was a 51% increase in cardiovascular events in the Dutch. The Channel on 30 June 1998. After that England was sold to Argentina, in the fourth round of the World, there was an increase in heart attacks of 25% in Britain. Medical studies in this direction are legion. Still, the “supporteurisme” can have positive points: a study conducted last year by the prestigious Harvard Medical School with 40,000 soccer fans showed that being notoriously improves their sociability support schools, self-esteem and optimism. Infarction or joy in life, you just have to choose.

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