How to choose the right shampoo

The shampoo is basic care for hair, but it’s also an art. Because there is a multitude of shampoos for all hair types, it is not always easy to choose well.

How to choose shampoo?

This almost daily beauty routine is essential to take care of your hair, but all the shampoos are not good for us. Between classic shampoo and egg shampoo cult extra soft, which is better for our hair? The new generation shampoos are also emerging in our bathrooms. Before taking a shampoo. You should questions some basic knowledge like: What is the best composition for fine hair? And how to maintain its color every day? Should we wash their hair every day? How to protect your hair from daily aggressions? What trick to space the shampoos?

To each type of shampoo

To take care of your hair properly, choosing a shampoo adapted to our problems. If one is bothered by dandruff, opt for an anti-dandruff shampoo, if you have very dry hair, use shampoo nourishing for dry hair. Just a small nut, applied to the top of the skull. To avoid making the hair stiff, do not apply the shampoo all along the hair’s length; the spray of the shower will take care to distribute the shampoo throughout the hair.

New kid on the vanity, dry shampoo is now an essential, perfect for both giving a second freshness to the hair and to fix a hairstyle. Sulfate free, silicone-free, moisturizing, smoothing; discover all the secrets of shampoo to choose one that suits you.

Shampooing the hair!

Shampoo brands are becoming more numerous. However, you still need to know to choose the right product and use it well.

No doubt, shampoos experienced a true evolution in recent decades. Current products assault much less hair than those proposed 25 years ago. The time clay or soap is gone now, shampoo is the result of a mix. It is composed primarily of surfactants charged to wash the hair by removing fat particles; added antistatic agents, conditioners, sheathing or smoothing which give the shampoo cosmetic properties facilitating styling.

Finally, preservatives complete this recipe. To this basic formula, formulators add other elements supposed to “treat” the hair such as butter, lemongrass flower for some, Jojoba or more or less exotic substances, the manufacturers put in most of the bottles. However, no study has ever shown the beneficial effects of these plants and fruits on hair keratin. These substances have the unique advantage … to dream! In fact, what say is somehow surreal, no substance is able to nourish the hair “deep” or “to the roots”. Only conditioners or antistatic agents inserted into formulas “2 in 1” or “3 in 1” have real effects.

The product composition must more than ever be looked at carefully by persons sensitive to allergies because the more products contain ingredients, the more likely reaction increases. Finally, some components such as glycol ethers are hardly commendable: it is still unknown toxicity on human’s phenoxyethanol as a preservative, and ethoxydiglycol, added to its humectant properties.

Generalist or specialist shampoo?

Alongside conventional shampoos proposed an array of specialized products: anti-dandruff, for oily hair, dry, brittle, etc, although studies have shown that dry hair products for oily hair have differed little brand name. A mild shampoo is, for example, preferable to dry hair or in the case of daily hair washing. As babies, they must imperatively benefit from pH neutral shampoos reserved for them! Finally, professional shampoos sold in hair salons are not necessarily more efficient even if they are always more expensive.

Terms of Use

Choosing the right shampoo, certainly, but it is still necessary to use it properly. Dry hair; for example, do not wash more than twice a week as normal and oily hair can be more often. Antidandruff agents, however, must be applied only once a week, alternating with a mild shampoo. In any case, all of the hair should be moistened and shampoo should be divided by light massage. Finally, contrary to popular belief, one wash is sufficient and there is no need to leave the product, except for dandruff. And in any case, a good rinsing is necessary, with warm water initially and then with fresh water to complete!

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