Foot Spa: A Comprehensive Buying Guide

Foot Spa - Comprehensive Buying Guide

We put lots of load and strain our feet on a daily basis, whether we walk, run or carry stuff around. Our feet can get tired just like any other parts in the body; we can easily get sore feet of foot cramps after a long hard working day. Getting yourself a top rated foot massager, especially a foot spa, is an effective way to take proper care of our feet without having to go out for a spa. Thanks to the combination of water and electricity, foot spas provide extra relaxation and therapeutic benefits that give you healthy and silky feet. Here are what you should look for in buying your home foot spa:

1. Compatibility with health conditions

Before you think about buying a good foot spa machine, make sure it is safe for you to use such appliance. Consult your doctor in case you have high blood pressure, diabetes, circulatory disorder or are pregnant. You don’t want to waste money on something you can’t use, especially if it is a high-end model.

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2. Size and weight

It is essential that the appliance’s size and capacity must fit you. If you have normal-sized feet, you will mostly be fine with any type of foot spa. However, for large or oversized feet, you need more addition space so a large foot spa is more suitable.

Think about the depth and capacity of the foot spa also. Do you want it deep so that the calves can get treatment too or shallow enough to just handle the feet? How much water can the foot spa hold? Do you want a lightweight appliance for travelling for you prefer a bulky structure? Will it be too heavy for you to carry the appliance around then it is filled with water?

3. Dry massage

Do you mind choosing a foot space that doesn’t come with the dry massage function or you need a 2-in-1 appliance that offers both bubble and dry massage?

4. Variable setting

This feature will give you control over the massage process, letting you choose different levels of speed, intensity of massage types.

5. Heating option

Unless you have no problem with boiling water for using in a foot spa, you should choose one with the heating option.  It should be able to keep the music warm for a quite a long time in case you may want to soak your feet in the water for quite a while. Foot spas can come with only one or several heat setting, depending on your preference.

Check reviews careful to choose a model with effective heating option or you will end up with one that makes you wait all days until the cold water is properly heated up.

6. Control

You want your appliance to be turned on or switched off easily, right? Look for waterproof toe-touch controls so that you don’t have to bend down to operate the appliance.

7. Ease of draining

Look for a model with built-in drain holes which makes it easy to empty used water or you have to pour out water or bail on by yourself.

8. Bubbles and Jets

With bubbles and jets, foot spas give you great comfort for your spa experience. Check carefully if the bubbles are week or can cause discomfort for the bottom or the foot.

Bubbles and Jets Foot Massager

9. Safety features

Built-in splash guards and non-slip bases are necessary features to prevent spillages and ensure safety for users.

10. Ease of Cleaning

Check if the product components are easy to remove and clean or you will be frustrated when using it.

11. Combination with foot care products

Many people prefer adding bath salts or oils into the water before soaking their feet in it because of extra comfort and relaxation. If you like that too, make sure the chosen model can handle these foot care product with no clogging o corrosion.

12. Noise

You probably like listening to some music or what the TV while using the foot spa; however, your experience can be ruined by loud motor noise. Test the product sound before buying if you can.

13. LED mood lights

For extra relaxing visual, choose a model with blue LED lights that reflect the water.

14. Attachments

Foot spas come with a wide variety of attachments, for example:

  • Removable pumice stone for exfoliating
  • Acupressure rollers and massage balls for reviving tired feeds
  • Pedicure kit
  • Aromatherapy dispenser for adding essential oils

15. Warranty

A product with solid warranty tends to be more tempting, right? At least it should be covered for 2-3 years.

Bear in mind that you have to pay more for additional attachments and features and the cost can be unnecessarily high. An affordable foot bath with no fuss can still bring about benefits you want; so let’s be a wise and informed buyer.

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