Essential Equipment For Creating Perfect Cappucino At Home

Are you a cappuccino lover? Then, enjoying cappuccino at coffee shops only is probably not enough for you. There are various ways you can make your favorite drink at home without the need of getting a barista certificate. One commonly asked question is: what do you really need to create perfect cappuccino at home?


cappuccinoOne thing to make it clear: it is nearly impossible to replicate the perfect cappuccino cup you order at the shop. There is high chance that you are not a professional barista; it is hard to fill the exact amount of coffee and water or maintain the perfect temperature for a perfect cup of cappuccino. Your technique is not as spot-on. The equipment you invest in, though expensive, is probably not as high quality as the one used in coffee shop. So generally, the word “perfect” is not entirely correct for of home-made cappuccino. What you can definitely do is to make damp good cappuccino that totally suits your taste. It tends to cost you some serious cash and time to perfect the technique but you will get there.

For a quick reminder, regular cappuccino includes 1/3 espresso, 1/3 hot milk and 1/3 foam. For that, you need to make great cappuccino and steam/froth milk properly.

Here is a list of essential equipment you need

1. Espresso making appliance

There are many methods and appliances for making espresso.  We can’t tell you which one you absolutely need because it depends on your personal preference. Do you want to make both espresso and cappuccino at home or just a little espresso now and then only?

espresso machine

The cheapest option is a French press, it is the best coffee maker. It helps you make coffee and froth milk as well. Such appliance is lightweight, portable and very easy to use. An inexpensive Moka pot is also a popular choice for producing coffee; you just need to let it sits on the stove and no electricity is required. An automatic drip brewer can cost a little more.

The most expensive appliance among the bunch is no doubt an espresso machine. Though it takes time learning the rope, this appliance will help you produce espresso with the best quality. It of course runs on electricity, requires proper maintenance and is not suitable to bring along on a camping trip.

2. Grinder

You can settle with instant espresso or espresso powder, of course. Or you can buy ground beans instead of whole beans. However, whole beans are fresh and they are definitely the best when it comes to producing espresso.

To brew espresso (or pull a shot), you need to grind coffee first. That is when you need a good grinder. It can be expensive but it is worth the money.

3. Thermometer

A thermometer comes in very handy for checking temperature both in producing espresso and steaming/frothing milk. Yu can easily get a waterproof digital thermometer with 10-20 USD.

4. Measurement tool

Get a food scale in grams so that you can measure the mound of coffee you need for a cup of coffee. While you can estimate with your eyes, this inexpensive tool will save you time and money in the long run.

5. A milk frother

Since 1/3 of regular cappuccino is foam (frothed milk), you will need some type of appliance for it.

milk frother

If you have an espresso machine, the steam wand will help you create foam easily. Another great option should be an electric milk frother. It can steam and froth milk for you within a matter of second at the push of the “Start” button. These appliances produce the best froth quality and texture.

A handpump milk frother looks quite similar to a French press and requires a little bit manual force for frothing milk. Meanwhile, a handheld, battery-operated milk frother is easier to use. Both are cheaper than its automatic version but they will not steam milk for you; therefore you need to pre-heat milk in the microwave or on a stove with a saucepan. The least expensive option is frothing milk with a small glass jar with tight lid. The texture of milk created with these tools is, of course, less consistent. So for your perfect cappuccino, stick with the first two options.

6. Others

You need your favorite mug, of course, and a spoon to hold back foam. If you use instant espresso, a water kettle is required for boiling water.

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